Welcome to the UK Meteor data archive.

Use the menus above or click a link in the table below the graph to access reports on annual activity, shower activity and individual stations in our network. You can also search for detections matching certain criteria, and download data for your own analysis. The downloadable data are in UFO compatible CSV format.


We currently have 247 cameras in the network, the locations of which are shown at the foot of this page. Camera Coverage can be seen here. Camera status can be quickly checked here or in more detail on the GMN site here.

Summary Data

The graph below shows activity year to date and the table summarises our entire dataset. You can also see an excellent map of all detections here, courtesy of Tammo Jan. Use your mouse to drag the map around.

Note: the data here are released under the CC BY 4.0 license, so if you are using the data whether for scientific or other purposes, your must reference this web site in your work.

Camera locations